Cash Prizes

If you weren’t already pumped to win the competition, the track, category, and audience choice prizes will convince you.



1st Place Wins $20K per Track

  • Winners selected from 3 tracks: tech, social, and new venture each win $20,000

  • Prize money is to be used to fund the winning business or non-profit idea

GW NVC Placeholder

Take Home a Category Prize 

  • A total of $75K is awarded to multiple specialty category prize winners

  • Each of the category specialty prizes ranges from $5K-$10K each

  • Stand out in your category and win money to propel your biz forward


GW NVC Prizes

$10K Audience Choice Award

  • Winner selected from the 12 finalists

  • Anyone can vote, even people who cannot attend the competition in person. (This is when having friends on social media can pay off. #MadeAtGW)

  • Start promoting day one, and you could win the Audience Choice Award


Specialty Category Prizes


Undergrad Social Venture Prize: $10K *



Best Undergraduate Prize: $10K



Graduate Social Venture Prize: $10K *



Most Innovative Food & Beverage Industry Venture: $5K



Fosun Health and Wellness Prize: $10K



Fosun International Venture Prize: 10K



Best Women's Entrepreneurship Prize: $10K



Quinn Prize for International & Social Entrepreneurship: $7,500




Best Medical Device Venture: $7,500



Opportune Clean Energy and Healthcare Prize: $5K



Best US Veteran and Military Innovation Prize: $5K


Best Food and Beverage Industry Prize $5

Best Food & Beverage Industry Venture: $5K



Best Art and Design Student Prize: $5K

Best Art and Design Prize: $10K



ParagonLabs Prize for Workplace Innovation: $5K







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*May be counted towards 1st place prize winner


Learn How to Get One Step Closer to Your Prizes

Learn how to get

2016, GW NVC Prize Winners

The prizes are awesome, we can’t lie, but there’s definitely some work and fun along the way!

In fact, we believe that the most valuable part of the experience is the process itself.

Learn how to apply and register for the competition, figure out your team structure, and read about the incredible support system you’ll gain throughout the next couple of months.


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