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To make sure you qualify for the competition, answer the questions below to verify your eligibility. The competition is open to all GWU students, and you do not need any previous business experience to apply.  

Answer the Questions Below

All GW Students Can Apply

Are you a GW Student?

Whether you’re full-time or part-time, undergrad or graduate, or an international student, you can be a part of the GW NVC! No prior experience is necessary. 

50% GW NVC

Is 50% of Your Team GW Affiliated?

At least 50% of the members on your team must be affiliated with GW in some way. Example: One GW student and one outside team member. Or one GW student and one GW Alumni. 

20% GW NVC

Student Owned?

Even if you have outside investors in your startup, 25% of your venture must be owned by a GW student or students. If you are a non-profit at least 25% of your board of directors needs to be made up of GW students. 


Two Years GW NVC

2 Years Old or Less?

Your idea or startup must be 2 years old or less. No ideas that have been in operation for over 2 years will be accepted.

Less than $200K

Do You Have Less Than $200K in Revenue?

If your company is currently in operation, it must have collected less than $200,000 in revenue by the time you apply for the GW NVC.

Only GW students can live pitch

Do You Have GW Presenters?

Only GW students can present and live pitch at the semifinals and finals. Non-GW team members, GW faculty, and outside presenters, can work with the teams from behind the scenes and answer judge questions in the semifinals and finals.



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