Prizes and Recognition

You Heard Right: $500,000 in Cash and Prizes

300K winners

2018 NVC Winner - Time Table

It's a big deal to compete in the NVC and we reward your effort with recognition, cash prizes, and support from our sponsors to help you to launch your idea and turn it into a reality. 

Bonus, you don't need a first-place finish get access to prizes! Make it to the semifinal round and you're eligible to win one or more of our category prizes



Track Prizes: Each Track Winner Receives a Minimum of $10K


Tech Venture 1

Tech Venture Winner - $10K

New proprietary technology or discovery with some sort of intellectual property that stands out in innovation and design will be awarded this cash prize to launch it into existence. $5,000 will be awarded to other finalists in the track. 

Social Venture 1

Social Venture Winner - $10K

Have a triple bottom line company or a transformative solution to a pressing need or social problem, or a social enterprise non-profit? This track is for you. Plus $5,000 will be awarded to other finalists in the track. 

New Venture 1

New Venture Winner - $10K

This category is for any company focused on launching standard commercial ventures, that do not fit in the technology or social venture space that creates an incredible company. $5,000 will be awarded to other finalists in the track.

More Prizes: Compete to Win More Cash and Non-Cash Prizes


Audience Choice Winner - People Cheering

Viewer's Choice $10K

If you impress the audience and receive the most votes from the crowd, you can win $10K in audience choice awards! This is where your social media savvy literally pays off. 

Specialty Cash Prizes

Category Specialty Prizes

Compete to win cash prizes in the amounts of $5K - $10K for impressive performance in unique categories such as Women-Led Team, Med Tech, Social Impact, International, Best Food, Veteran, Clean Energy, and more!

Non-Cash Prizes

Non-Cash Prizes

Prizes such as co-working space, legal services, marketing, app development, and graphic design will be awarded to dozens of teams. 



Remember that all decisions made by the judges are final, and prize money will be distributed to the businesses, rather than the individuals who are competing. Upon incorporation of the business, winning ventures may use the cash prize for any legitimate business purpose.


Highlighting Our New Cash Prizes



New Sponsor Highlight

Arup is the creative force at the heart of many of the world's most prominent projects in the built environment and across industry. Working in more than 140 countries, the firm works with their clients on innovative projects of the highest quality and impact. 

Food Prize - Food Truck

New Food Prizes: $10,000

One of our newest prizes is the Best Food & Beverage Industry Venture Prizes. All venues that offer a product or service in the food, beverage, restaurant, foodservice (bakeries, catering, hospitality, etc.) and nutrition industries are able to apply. 

New Sponsor

New Sponsor Highlight

ParagonLabs, powered by SHRM, serves as the bridge for the HR tech community, workers, and the workplace. We connect and engage the HR and tech communities and lead the conversation on how these communities can work together to build better workplaces and a better world.

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