Events and Workshops

Throughout the duration of the competition journey, we will offer events and workshops that specialize in different stages of business formation, pitching, raising capital, and more! Check out the event schedule here.




Possibly one of the most valuable offerings of the NVC, our mentors in-residence are experienced entrepreneurs who are offering their time and wisdom to help your business succeed. We would love to connect you with one today!


Find a Teammate

Find a Teammate

Got a great idea but no one to help you run the business? Find a teammate who is eager to compete and win the GW New Venture Competition! Get connected with a student who shares your mission.

The team

Meet the NVC Team

The NVC team is always here to lend a listening ear, offer guidance, and help propel your business forward. Get in touch with us. P.S. - This is our best imitation of a TV lawyers promo shot.


Top 5 Tips to win the New Venture Competition

Top 5

Check Out Our Winning Tips

Get a leg up on the competition and knock your team’s submission out of the park! Teams that take advantage of these tips always do better in the competition and win money. 

Learn from the experts - consider these 5 steps in your own process to climb the ladder of the competition and come out with a prize!


1. Create or Refine Your Idea

Spend some time fleshing out your idea and analyzing past competition winners. Ask yourself, is there a need or problem that your idea is solving? Do you have expertise in this area? Are you passionate about bringing this business to life?

Get a Team Together

2. Get a Team Together

Don’t go it alone! Ask a buddy to join your team or let us connect you with another student who is eager to go all in in the competition!

Get feedback

3. Get Feedback On Your Idea

Utilize the opinions of our mentors, faculty, and volunteers. Run your business idea by your friends and family, and brainstorm how you could continue to refine your process and your pitch.


4. Check the Category Prizes

Say what?! Turns out your idea could be eligible for $10K category prize. Shocking we know. Get your game face on, and be specific when crafting your presentation!


5. Apply by the Deadline

It’s not a secret, the NVC deadline is February 2, 2022, at 1 pm ET. Don’t delay, and get your application in on time! Note: Applications for the 2022 GW NVC are currently closed.