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Where Are They Now Video

"Where Are They Now" video.  

"Where Are They Now" Video

We often get asked, "What happens to the teams who won last year?" 

Over the course of one year, we tracked three cash prize winners from the 2019 New Venture Competition (NVC) to find out how participating in the competition has changed their lives.

The stars of our film, Dulceology, WATTerWaggon, and Viva Vita gave our film crew exclusive access in order to answer the question, "Where Are They Now?"

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Donya Sherman



Audience Choice Winner KnoNap is a napkin that is capable of testing for 26 of the 40 most commonly used “date rape” drugs, in efforts to empower individuals to be more aware of their surroundings when enjoying social experiences. 

The company was created by Danya Sherman, a GW student, who came up with their idea after her friend was drugged while traveling abroad in Spain. She won the 2017 NVC Audience Choice Award. 


Lynda Peralta

Lynda Peralta, CEO of Pocket Palette

GWSB '17, NVC 2016
4th Place Winner ($7,500)

"I think the best thing about going through NVC is that so many people are able to watch you grow into a success. When I was featured in Good Housekeeping Magazine, I got a message from a GW alumna saying she saw me pitch at GW and was so excited about the feature. That's something really special."

Where Are They Now?

Capital Kombucha

Capital Kombucha

Since winning money in the 2013 NVC, Capital Kombucha is available in Whole Foods and hundreds of other locations up and down the east coast. 

Give Butter

Give Butter

Since 2017 after winning money in the NVC, Give Butter has been able to use their fundraising platform to help raise millions of dollars for good causes spanning over 300 college campuses, alongside many of the world's leading nonprofits.



Quorum is an integrated public affair software platform from the ground up. They won $15,000 at the 2015 NVC and have since been recognized in the NYT, Washington Post, Politico, and most recently advertising on the DC Metro. 



SonoStik® LLC was established in October 2013, to develop medical device equipment that can facilitate proper, efficient, simple, and easy intravenous catheter placement, especially when used with portable ultrasound.

Urgent Wellness

Urgent Wellness

After winning $25,000 in the 2017 NVC Urgent Wellness has gone on to provide community-placed worker-operated telemedicine and medical vending machines that reduce costs while improving health for vulnerable populations.

Pocket Pallet

Pocket Pallette

Pocket Pallette's simple portable make up for women on the go has launched and expanded all the way to 



Since winning $22,500 in the 2017 NVC Agaport partners with Freeports in Luxembourg, Monaco, Delaware, Singapore, Shanghai, New York, and Geneva to provide their clients with the most expansive network of Freeport storage facilities to date. 

Berg Bites - 2017

Berg Bites

Berg Bites sells its "sinfully delicious" healthy snacks in 40 stores in the DMV area and online to those across the country and launched after winning $20,000 in the 2017 NVC. 



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