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George Washington University 

New Venture Competition

Build your ideas, engage with experts, and journey to the finals.

Win $800,000 in cash and prizes.


Applications Due February 2020


- The application process opens Winner 2019 - 



The GW NVC is the 9th Largest Collegiate Competition in the US

Student Winners - Sassy Pants

2018 4th Place Team - Sassy Paints

The New Venture Competition provides GW students, faculty, and alumni with real-world experiences in entrepreneurship that can’t be replicated anywhere else!

GW students have the opportunity to compete in three tracks, Tech, Social, and New  Venture and  bring an idea to the table, work with mentors to craft and pitch a stellar idea, and vie for cash and non-cash prizes equaling $800,000.


Applications Due February 2020





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The Journey Is On

How It Works

Whether you’re an experienced entrepreneur or just dreaming about a new idea, our competition has a route for everyone. Learn how NVC works, plan for success, get feedback, and compete to win.

Prizes and Recognition

Prizes & Recognition

Your vision for your business could become a reality with these incredible prizes. The opportunity to win $20k in prizes, get recognition from GW, validation from entrepreneurial experts and the network you're going to build along the way will help make your idea a reality. 

Success Stories

Success Stories

Our past winners and participants have gone on to excel in the fields of entrepreneurship, business, and social enterprise. Learn more about their stories and get motivated to be one of the next great legacies of the competition!

Not ready? We get it.

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It can be intimidating to jump right in and build a business plan when you’ve never done it before!

Thankfully, we have a passionate and dedicated team of staff and coaches that are ready to answer your questions and help you decide if this year’s opportunity is the right fit for you.


We Have Resources to Help You 

2018 New Venture Competition Highlights 



In case you miss the 2019 Finals we have our highlights video for you.