Not Ready?

We get it. It can be intimidating to jump right in. We have ways to engage if you are in NVC or not.


We help you create, develop, and get feedback on your ideas. Find out how. 

Get a Team Together

Get a Team Together

Don’t go it alone! Ask a buddy to join your team or let us connect you with another student who is eager to go all in in the competition!

Get Feedback On Your Idea

Get Feedback On Your Idea

Utilize the opinions of our mentors, faculty, and volunteers. Run your business idea by your friends and family, and brainstorm how you could continue to refine your process and your pitch.


Still not sure if NVC is right for you? Check out these helpful links. 

How to get ready for NVC


Submission Details

Is applying worth your time? We think so. Here's what you need to do to enter. 


Past NVC Winners

Check out what past NVC winners have done to get an idea for how the competition works, and what ideas are successful.