2023 Finalists





Business Goods & Services

Students in Amplified venture nvc


Kimberly de la Pena GWSB '23
Gaby DeAndrade GWSB '23
Lana Synder GWSB '23, 
Lauren Loadvine GWSB '23

AmplifIED is a comprehensive DEI solution platform that provides a customizable dashboard with the ability to update in real-time. AmplifIED offers data analytics to drive progress, measures success towards an inclusive workplace, and access to advisory services. This platform's differentiation is the transparency offered from HR to employees.

Students in Ellexco venture nvc


Lingchen Kong SEAS 24
Xitong Liu SEAS Faculty Member

Technologies to extract lithium from unconventional aqueous sources are needed to meet the future lithium demand. Ellexco has envisioned a novel idea to extract lithium from brines. Ellexco offers a chemical-free, electricity-driven innovative technology to directly convert geothermal brine to lithium hydroxide, which would lower environmental impacts and carbon footprint.

Students in nfbus venture NVC


Edoardo Brunello GW Exchange Student '23, 
Enrico Sgarbossa

NFBus is an online marketplace through which bus companies offer their tickets as digital tokens. This allows them to retain more control, save costs, and introduce ticket reselling. Buyers can instead compare, purchase, and enforce policies through a single platform that accepts both fiat and crypto currencies.


Consumer Goods & Services

Participant for Immorta venture NVC


Sonia Schmidt GW Law '24
Devan Geib

Immorta is a social media platform where users can upload, store, and share multiple types of media – photos, videos, stories, recipes, and more. This platform will serve as a collective memory book, where loved ones’ legacies can be celebrated during their life and preserved beyond their death.

Participants for J Street venture NVC

J Street

Millicent Li GWSB '23, 
Kennedy Generalli GWSB '23, 
Camila Zamalloa GWSB '23, 
Gerel Enkhbol GWSB '22

A coffeehouse serving locally-sourced specialty drinks, while providing relaxation, connection, and creation through art. J Street seeks to be a space for customers to rent coloring or other art supplies at their leisure, with a good cup of coffee at their side to open up their creative channels.

Participants for Seeker venture NVC


Sebastian Ewel GWSB '23
 Aditya Jaju GWSB '23 

Seeker will provide guarantor services to international students renting apartments in the US, enabling them to secure housing without a US-based guarantor, in exchange for a fee, also giving landlords peace of mind.


Healthcare and Life Sciences

Participants for Cryodough venture NVC


Iris Brammer SMHS '26

Cryodough is a reusable dough that is malleable even below 32ºF and delivers consistent cooling without restricting movement that can be sculpted for any area of the body. Cryodough is a household essential for first aid, especially for homemakers, to rapidly ice accidental burns without interrupting cooking and busy activities.

Participant for Kornerstone Health Solutions NVC

Kornerstone Health Solutions, LLC

Louis Eke, PhD SMHS '24

The present proposal integrates a nano-tech wearable mouthguard device designed as a concussion tracking device in real-time. The device synthesizes the brain-wave imaging, releasing the results to a phone and computer for clinical neurological assessment and prompt response.

Participants for NFTY venture NVC


Abhisri Ramesh SMHS '26, 
Abdulla Ahmed SMHS '26
Rithvik Chekuri SMHS '26
Phillip Parel SMHS '26
Avanthika Ramesh

Currently, providers share medical images by burning >150 million CDs annually, a process that is expensive, unprotected, and incompatible. NFTY utilizes blockchain to streamline the sharing of medical images in a way
that is secure, private, and HIPAA-compliant for private practice imaging centers and patients that require frequent imaging.



Social Innovation

Participant for agd venture NVC

ADF (AgDev Fund)

Brent Miller GW Law '25

AgDev Fund is a global private equity fund which provides a global investment platform in the agri-food sector. ADF will focus on food-value chain investments in East Africa, providing increased food security to the region and a diversified, high-profit investment for investors.

Participants for Micorte venture NVC


Rafael Caballero GW Law '25
Santiago Perez

MiCorte is a text message/WhatsApp service that will automatically check
immigration court hearing information from the Executive Office of Immigration Review (EOIR) and notify immigrants in real-time about changes to hearing date/time, location, or presiding judge. MiCorte guarantees immigrants will not miss hearings and helps them avoid in absentia orders.

Headshot for YIMU founder


Yijia Gu GWSB '24

YIMU is a non-profit organization committed to support Chinese and Asian sexual minority women through producing documentary series, broadcasts and films. Our mission is to raise public awareness of the Chinese and Asian LGBTQ+ women community to eliminate stereotypes, improve mental health and trigger social change.



Participants for Auxdience venture NVC


Natasha Roque GWSB '23
Kerem Esmergil GWSB '24
Noorah Bin Musained GWSB '23
Sierra Larson GWSB '26
Shatha Almousa GWSB '24 

Auxdience is the premier mobile app for music lovers make friends with like-minded music fans in their city. Purchase a single ticket to a show and connect with fellow solo concertgoers in a pre-show, in-app group chat. Then, enjoy VIP in-person socials and exclusive deals together at the venue!

Paricipants for Bash Dash venture NVC

Bash Dash

Anna Cate Broome GWSB '25
Maria Sanchez GWSB '26
Shayla Gornstein GWSB '26
Solomon Wozniak GWSB '26

With just a few clicks on the BASH DASH platform selecting a date and party type, the party comes to you. You can pick from a variety of parties such as a painting or soccer among many more! BASH DASH will send you everything you need for a great party!

Participants for Circinus venture NVC


Sarah Ahmad GWSB '26, 
Jia jie (Steven) Qi GWSB '24

Circinus revolutionizes vacations and travel planning by leveraging AI and
Machine Learning to automatically generate a dream itinerary based on your
travel destination, budget, and interests. You have the power to discover your dream destination like a traveler, not just a tourist. Circinus brings relaxation back into your vacation.


Participant for District of Commuters venture NVC

District of Commuters

Patrick Quinn GWSB '23
Joie Jolevare GWSB '23
Adam Friend 

District of Commuters is a startup dedicated to improving the commuter
experience in the DMV by aggregating and curating meaningful information
for DMV commuters and thus improving their experience traveling to and from
their office. Our purpose is to make everyone's commute a little easier.

Participants for Gaami venture NVC


Anas Mheir Alsaadi GWSB '23
Ieshuha Abreu GWSB '23
Giovanna Lino GWSB '23
Malcolm Nyman GWSB '23
Ala Al Farsi GWSB '23

Our solution is to create an app where kids will be able to develop financial skills through our learning path which combines games similar to Duolingo and simulations. Additionally, parents will be able to monitor and control their children’s financial expenditure.

Participants for Globeer venture NVC


Olivia Ouimet MSPH '25
Nitya Bonda MSPH '25

GlobeER is developing a technology to mitigate the concern of finding healthcare services in a foreign country for travelers who experience a health crisis. GlobeER aims to reduce the burden of healthcare emergencies by providing a worldwide database of healthcare institutions in the palm of your hands.


Participants for Maverick Trading venture NVC

Maverick Trading

Maxwell Brenner SEAS '23

Maverick Trading is an artificial intelligence solution for automatic stock market investing. We provide an autonomous machine learning-trained trader for personal investors who wish to invest hands-free in the stock market. Our solution is a more dynamic and better-performing alternative to traditional mutual funds.

Participants for Side Streets venture NVC


Ad Lane GWSB '23

For many tourists, favorite memories are stumbled upon, not planned. SideStreets optimizes the urban discovery process, enhancing exploration, experience, and community livelihood alike through real-time mapping that prioritizes local, authentic opportunities. Its goal: to map those fleeting moments which are happening around us all the time, one serendipitous decision away.

Participants for Stroke Up Power venture NVC

Stroke Up Power!

Rian Bogle SEAS '23
Sarah Antonevich SEAS '23
Matteo Sanchez-Dahl Gonzalez SEAS '23

Stroke-Power-Up is developing a smartphone application with a suite of functionally-focused activities for rehabilitating speech, language, and cognitive abilities after traumatic brain injury. Providing a personalized practice environment will empower patients to build up their cognitive abilities through a daily evidence-based therapy regimen that provides actionable analytics for tracking progress.


Participants for Pickup venture NVC


Margaret Murrell GWSB '26

PickUp is an app designed to match athletes for pick-up games based on a variety of characteristics including their sport, age, skill level, and location. The goal is to connect athletes through a shared platform wherethey can find a community that encourages them to pursue their passions.