How It Works

We know that each student’s idea has incredible potential. Even if you’re not sure where to begin, the competition process is designed to help anyone turn their idea into a reality.

Win 300K In Cash and Prizes


Bring Your Idea to Life

We want to provide you with the resources that will enable you to succeed. Craft your proposal, work with incredible mentors, and compete for prizes that will allow your work to make an impact, long after the competition is over! 

You could win up to $800,000 in cash and prizes and receive invaluable support and recognition.

All GW students can compete! Yes, all!

  • Every type of idea is welcome
  • All 10 GW Schools
  • Undergrad and Graduate 


Pick Your Track: Tech, Social, or New Ventures

If You Have an Idea, We Have A Track For It. All Ideas Are Welcome.

GW NVC Tech Venture

Tech Venture

Tech Ventures have new proprietary technology, discovery, or innovation at their core. These ventures should have an intellectual property component and evidence that it will work in the real world. 

GW NVC Social Venture

Social Venture

Social Ventures offer a solution to a pressing social or environmental problem that drives change using nonprofit, for-profit, or hybrid models.

GW NVC New Venture

New Venture

New Ventures are commercial ventures including services, products, or businesses that take a unique approach to solving an opportunity in the market while driving substantial market impact. 


Know the NVC Timeline and Your Journey to the Finals



 (Opens Sept. 2019)


(Top 100) 


(Top 36)


(Top 12)

Key Dates

Due Feb. 5, 2020, at 1 pm

Due: Feb. 27 at 1 pm

March 30 - April 1 

April 16, 2020

  1. A Concise Description (20 words max)
  2. A Business Model Canvas 
  3. Opportunity Section
  4. Solution Section
  5. Operations Plan 
  6. Financial Analysis
  7. Team Member(s) Section
  8. Social Impact (for social ventures)
  9. An updated 2-min video
  • Prepare 10 min live pitch
    • With visuals (slide deck) 
  • Set up a meeting with a mentor/coach
  • Top 12 teams 
  • Practice your pitch
  • Feedback from judges
  • Participate and take part in an "only at GW" experience
  • Be one of the top 100
  • Priority access to specialized trainings and workshops
  • Top 100 recognition honors
  • Feedback from expert professionals/judges 
  • Be one of the top 36
  • Ability to win any category prize
  • Live feedback from judges 
  • Semifinal recognition
  • Pitch coaching 
  • Be one of the top 12
  • Vie for $20K in cash (per track)
  • Top four in each track win $2,500 (min)
  • Via for $10K audience choice award (Top 3 teams in each track)
  • Finalist recognition

Next Steps

This competition is a journey. In order to give you the best and most rewarding experience, we outlined four steps that will help you get to the finish line. 

Eligibility checkmark


Don’t be surprised by our eligibility requirements. The competition is open to all GW students, graduate and undergraduate from all schools, and you do not need any previous business experience to apply.

Check Specialty Prizes

Pick Your Specialty Prizes 

Check out our specialty prizes and win money to propel your idea forward. Each of the category specialty prizes ranges from $5K-$10K each and is awarded to dozens of teams, not just the winners.