Events and Workshops

We offer spectacular events to help you dip your toes into entrepreneurship and prep for the competition!

Upcoming Events

BMC Workshop

2.25.20: Business Model Canvas Workshop

Originally created by Alex Osterwalder, the Business Model Canvas (BMC) is a strategic management and entrepreneurial tool. It gives you the structure of a business plan without the overhead and the improvisation of a "back of the napkin" sketch. It also allows you to describe, design, challenge, invent, and pivot your business model.

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3.10.20: Pitchin' in the Kitchen

Do you have an idea? Want a chance to network with other entrepreneurs and to pitch your idea in a casual environment? This event is a casual, intimate pitch event where you can pitch your idea (no matter the stage) to our fellow peers and professional entrepreneurs from around campus, in an actual open kitchen. 

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