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We offer spectacular events to help you dip your toes into entrepreneurship and prep for the competition!

Upcoming Events


3.10.20: Pitchin' in the Kitchen

Do you have an idea? Want a chance to network with other entrepreneurs and to pitch your idea in a casual environment? This event is a casual, intimate pitch event where you can pitch your idea (no matter the stage) to our fellow peers and professional entrepreneurs from around campus, in an actual open kitchen. 

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NVC 2019

4.16.20: New Venture Competition Finals

12 teams take the stage to vie for over $500K in funding and support at the 12th Annual 2020 GW New Venture Competition Finals! Which teams will take the prize this year at the largest startup competition in the greater DC area? PLUS you get to choose who wins an extra $10K! Don't miss out!

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