Legal Requirements


Legal Requirements

Prize money will be paid to the winning ventures showing proof that they are incorporated (Example: LLC, B Corp, 501c3, etc.) and not to individual participants. Winning ventures may use the prize money for any legitimate business purpose.

GW makes no claim of ownership in the venture in return for any prizes awarded in the Competition.

Winning ventures have up to one calendar year after the competition to claim their prize money. After that period it will be forfeited. 

Cash Prizes in the Final Round

The winners in each of the three tracks (New Ventures, Technology Ventures, and Social Ventures) will receive $10,000 each, and be awarded the winners in each track.

The second, third, and fourth place teams in each track will receive $5,000 each. 

All of the semifinal round teams are eligible for specialty cash prizes and in-kind prizes

As a GW mentor, you will be attending meetings at which confidential and proprietary information about ventures may be discussed. You agree that you shall keep such information strictly confidential and will not disclose it to other parties without written permission from the sources of such information. You agree to respond to mentoring requests, and to schedule and attend meetings within the parameters and expectations that you set your profile. It is GW’s policy that mentors should not have any relationship with a GW-affiliated venture or team where there is any form of compensation, including but not limited to equity, options, deferred compensation, and commissions. As a GW mentor, your primary interest in serving cannot be to scout for investment opportunities, new clients, or a job.

For more information please download the GW Mentor and Mentee Policies and Guidelines.pdf