Track Selection

If you have an idea, we have a track for it. What track fits your idea best?

The Social Ventures Track

Social Venture Track


We define Social Ventures as a for-profit, NGO, or non-profit that has a transformative solution to a pressing social or environmental problem.

To fit in the Social Ventures track your idea must

  • Have a societal or environmental impact 

  • Be more than a social media app

  • Have an impact beyond giving away 10% of revenue to a cause 


Watch: 2021 Social Track Final Teams 



Previous Social Track Ventures and Teams Include

Omar head shot


Remora provides clean and potable water to communities in need through advanced technology and devices while protecting our water sources. Won $10,000 in 2021. 

Team: Omar Negrón Ocasio (CCAS MPA '22).

Danya Sherman headshot


KnoNap is a cocktail napkin that is capable of testing for specific rape-drug presence. KnoNap sets out to decrease date rape by drugging via a social impact product. Won $10,000 in 2017. 

Team: Donya Sherman (ESIA BA '19).

Student head shots

Sa'akom Farms

Sa'akom Farms is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit seeking to alleviate poverty in Cambodia through the implementation of innovative, vertical hydroponic farming. Won $22,500 in 2021.

Team: Calista Amrell (CCAS BA '21), Allison Miller (CCAS BA '23), Carter Pew (GWSB BS '23), Rachel Brown (ESIA BA '23).


All Social Track Ventures will need to answer this question on the NVC application

How will your venture assess its effectiveness in achieving the social and/or environmental goals through the solution?


If you don't have an answer, no problem. Your venture is a better fit for the New Ventures Track. 


The Tech Ventures Track

Tech Track Image


Tech Ventures have new proprietary technology, discovery, or innovation at their core. These ventures should use and integrate technology as the main component of the venture. Some will have IP while others could get patents. 

These ventures don't belong in the Tech Ventures track 

  • A new mobile app (unless there's IP)

  • A new website or platform (unless there's some new AI that has been created for it)


Watch: 2021 Tech Track Final Teams



Previous Tech Track Ventures and Teams Include

Headshot of founders

Ichosia Biotechnology

Ichosia Biotechnology is developing a scalable method of mass-producing an enhanced red blood cell product through novel genetic engineering techniques. Won $40,000 in 2020.

Team: Lucas Vining-Recklitis (CCAS BA '22), Anna Grim (CCAS BS '21), Ahmad Aljaberi (CCAS BS '20), David Hyon (GWSB BBA '21).

Headshots of founders


RestEasy is a wearable pediatric asthma monitor that quickly detects and alerts stressed parents about nighttime asthma attacks. Wone 22,500 in 2020. 

Team: Shelly Mishra (SMHS MD '23), Aditya Maddali (SMHS MD '23), Krithika Rao (SMHS MD '23).

Headshots of founders


Envirobe is an engineered consortium of plastic-eating microbes intended to increase landfill lifespan. Won $35,000 in 2019. 

Team: Manyung Emma Hon (SEAS '20), Samuel Magaziner.


All Tech Track Ventures will need to answer these questions on the NVC application

  • What is/are the technology(ies) that the venture is going to rely upon (or is intended to rely upon) to succeed?
  • Are there other technologies that perform the same function?
  • If so, what makes the proposed technology better/faster/cheaper?  


If you can't answer these questions, no problem. Your venture is a better fit for the New Ventures Track. 



The New Ventures Track

New Venture Track Image (Boy on ladder reaching)


The New Ventures track is open to all applicants from all GW schools. If you have an idea for a startup, side hustle, business, social enterprise, or non-profit you are welcome to participate in the New Venture Track.

Some examples of the ideas that are in the New Venture Track include:

  • Medical Centers
  • Food Businesses
  • And More!

For a better idea of the teams who are in the New Venture Track watch 2021 New Venture Track Final Teams.

Previous New Track Ventures and Teams Include 

Head shot of Mesean Spices founder

Mesean Spices

Mesean Spices is a line of spice blends inspired by global flavors, inviting you to explore culture through cooking. Won $10,000 in 2021. 

Team: Dominique Tolbert (GWSB MBA '21). 


Group photo of Benjamin Founders


Benjamin is an application that puts students on an optimal financial path through user-tailored recommendations and actionable items. Won $5,000 in 2020. 

Team: Jay Grieve (SEAS BS '22), M. Amin Hosseini (GWSB PhD '21), Michael Rand (GWSB PhD '21), Pasha Abrishamchian (ESIA Alum BA '19).



Dulceology is an artisan online and physical bakery specializing in alfajores cookies that are handcrafted just as they would be made in Argentina. Won $35,000 in 2019. 

Team: Alejandra Leiva (Corcoran '20) (left), Nicole Leiva (right).


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